Let’s Seed the Future!

How to use paper to plant Organic herbs? Is it possible to fetch Organic vegetables from our balconies and roofs and add it to our meals for a healthy lifestyle? Because Organic farming, as well as food self-sufficiency, comes hand in hand with prosperity and sustainable development, SEKEM is joining the initiative “Let’s Seed the Future!” on the occasion of celebrating its 41st anniversary. 

On the 1st of November, SEKEM is going to celebrate its 41 years of sustainable commitment with the theme “Let’s Seed the Future!”. This is a call, which comes from many different points of view and goes to everyone; not only on farms; not only by farmers. The initiative aims to raise awareness in the whole Egyptian society for sustainable food production and how our behavior as consumers can impact the environment as well as our health.

“‘Let’s Seed the Future’ is giving each one of us the chance to contribute to the goal of achieving 100% Organic food supply and thereby shaping the future of our country.” Hisham Adel, Marketing Manager of ISIS Organic

Hence, employees and pupils from the SEKEM Community will celebrate SEKEMs anniversary by initiating the seeding process of Organic wheat at the main SEKEM farm. Planting this strategic crop, also calls for public participation, sponsored by ISIS Organic. Egyptians from all social segments are welcome to seed and harvest the Organic wheat by themselves. The whole month of November will be allocated for the sowing process, with the aim to get together again for the harvest, estimated between April and May 2019.

Students of SEKEM’s Special Education Program are preparing gifts for the participants of “Let’s seed the future!”.

“Realizing secure and sustainable food production on the long term is only possible with sustainable crops and farming methods. However, it will not be reachable in Egypt, if the main mission of agriculture stays limited to farmers and as long as conventional agriculture remains to be accepted by the society,” says Hisham Adel, Marketing Manager of ISIS Organic. “The initiative ‘Let’s Seed the Future’ is now giving each one of us the chance to contribute to the goal of achieving 100% Organic food supply and thereby shaping the future of our country,” he asserts.

Hanan Abdelghany, head of SEKEM’s School for children with special needs, contributes with her students to the “Let’s seed the future!” project.

“Let’s Seed the Future!” provides practical experiences in Organic farming procedures and also insights into topics such as urban gardening. Students of SEKEMs Special Education Program are currently preparing plantable gifts: Organic seeds that are integrated into papers, which will be presented to the participants who can then plant them at different places according to their own choice.

Join us in sowing the Organic wheat seeds at the main SEKEM farm on the 1st of November. Everybody is welcome! Let’s Seed the Future together! For further information and participation kindly send us an e-mail: [email protected].

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