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The Founder and His Family

Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish

Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish (1937 – 2017) – graduate of the Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Graz, Austria, from 1956-1961, and medical science from the University of Graz, Austria – 1969 – is the Founder and Chairman of SEKEM Initiative.

Since 2003, Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish was assigned as a professor at Alanus University for the Arts and Social Sciences, Bonn.

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Helmy Abouleish

Currently, Helmy Abouleish is the Chief Executive Officer of SEKEM Holding that consists of five companies (ISIS Organic, ATOS Pharma, NatureTex, Lotus and SEKEM for Land Reclamation), which cover the fields of Biodynamic agriculture cultivation, production of phyto-pharmaceuticals, Organic textiles and foodstuffs, with a capacity of 1600 people.

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Abouleish Family

The majority of the Abouleish family is living and working at SEKEM, close to Belbeis, where most of the farms, factories and social activities are located.

Living in SEKEM is a cross cultural experience where Egyptians from rural areas surrounding the SEKEM farms live and work together with European families in a sustainable based community.

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