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Holistic Thinking – Individual Development

Humanity creates the world from ideas. All learning, researching, inventing and artistic activities are ideally free and not influenced by material benefits. It is only through holistic thinking and acting that a materialistic society can be transformed into a cultural society guided by meaningful values. Therefore, free education and spiritual development of all human beings must be the highest priority.

The advancement of every individual is a continuous challenge in the fields of education, science, art, religion and spirituality. Without a sound understanding of the world around them, people will not be able to live in unity with nature and fellow human beings. Lifelong learning enables the individual to improve living conditions and contribute to the development of the community and country. Children who have been given the opportunity to receive a holistic education are likely to become free-spirited and responsible individuals.

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Holistic Education – SEKEMs Schools

Donate to the SEKEM School NowSEKEMs approach to sustainable development therefore embraces culture as a fourth, equally treated, petal of the Sustainability Flower. SEKEM contributes to the cultural development of its employees and the broader community through its constantly growing cultural institutions like the SEKEM School, Heliopolis University and other projects in different fields. The range of activities spans from music, theater and fine arts to education, teacher training and scientific research. Our approach is based on the belief that only the combination of feeling, willing and thinking, all human senses can be addressed and developed.

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Holistic Development – Research and Arts

SEKEM is exposed to a multitude of cultural and religious influences and supports this cultural and spiritual diversity. With our training and artistic activities, we stimulate human development and people’s consciousness for being integrated into community and nature.

We aspire to have a culture of learning, ultimately leading to innovation. This is the main driver for growth and development for us and for Egypt. We also focus on different research and development topics with high practical relevance and want to send out a wave of knowledge and development, ultimately benefiting from the stimulus that is returned.

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