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We Respect Life in Any Regards

Animals populate and enliven the Earth with several millions of species. They live in almost all regions of the Earth and play a crucial role in the balance of all ecosystems. They are capable of different patterns of behavior and even show emotional life in their higher stages of development. Like human beings, they are sensitive to pain. Treating animals in a species-appropriate way means to respectfully deal with life itself.

Animal Husbandry

In SEKEMs Demeter based understanding of farm and cattle management, animals are not only raised in ways appropriate to the species, but also with the physical requirements of their natural development.

We keep cattle, sheep, bees and pigeons. The cattle live unbound in an open space covered by a shading roof. Their nutrition consists of corn-silage, clover, straw, fodder beat, corn, soy, cotton seeds and wheat bran. The average milk production per cow per day is around 23 liters. The sheep nutrition consists of clover and regularly grazing, with a production of around 1000 kg of wool in 2011. The two other animal species kept on the main farm and in Adleya are flying in the skies: bees for honey and pigeons for meat.

Apart from cow and pigeon meat, milk, wool and honey, the most important product is the manure of the cows, sheep and pigeons that goes directly to the compost production in Libra Manure from animals adds vital parts to the mixture with green residue.

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Natural Habitat

Animals close the cycle of eating and being eaten. To keep the natural balance around the farm, animal wildlife diversity has to be realized through opportunities for nestling and living. Over the years, we built up a habitat for wild life such as foxes, mungos, hedgehogs, lizards, chameleon, mice, snails, rats, a variety of reptiles and birds, of which 11 are rare species.

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