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Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development

Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development was established under the umbrella of SEKEM in 2009 with the aim to pioneer the introduction of the concepts and principles of sustainable development to the students and the Egyptian community to improve well-being by decreasing threats to the Earth’s systems through industrialization and consumption.

Heliopolis University strives for conscious Sustainable Development, economic solidarity, social responsibility, and environmental balance in Egypt and the world. Form the onset, Heliopolis University developed a sustainable campus practice through:

  • Increased use of Solar Power
  • Waste Water Treatment for Irrigation
  • Conscious Waste Management and Recycling

The degree programs offered at Heliopolis University address the concepts and theories of sustainable development through a multi-disciplinary holistic approach that integrates teaching, learning, research, and practice. The unique Core Program further enriches the learning experience by focusing on sustainability and human development.

Different on Purpose

Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development (HU) pioneers the introduction of students and the community to sustainable development through a renewed understanding that integrates teaching, learning, research, and practice.

The university has adopted the “Project Competence Degree” concept, whose crowning feature is the intertwining of theory with business needs. Furthermore HU aims to develop social entrepreneurs who are able to face and overcome tomorrow’s challenges through innovation, collaboration, and technology.

During the course of their studies, students will work on projects with partner companies using a problem-solving approach. Thus, they acquire new competences through studying and applying new skills in a real-life environment. This also allows the students to focus on an area of their choice, keeping motivation high throughout their studies. In the long term this will allow personal success to be meaningfully linked with business success.

The degree obtained is grounded in solid academic education coupled with practical experiences that simultaneously address business needs and inspire students to think innovatively.

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