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Sustainable Development in 4 Dimensions Since 1977

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Egypt, like other countries in the world, has to deal with the negative impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on people’s health, and we took all precautions necessary to provide a safe work environment and build awareness around it. Regardless of the painful experiences we as humankind or individual people have gone through, we also believe in a chance to wake up and leave unsustainable ways of doing business and dealing with nature behind us. Fortunately, SEKEM was able to show resilience and continuity in both business and community service. Even though the pandemic has left its mark on the economy, SEKEM was able to almost meet its budget for the year and finalized and signed the financial restructuring with its
international lenders.
We are happy to see that our sustainability performance is showing positive results, such as a decoupling of our packaging material consumption, waste production, and energy consumption from our production volume. Also, SEKEM remains overall a carbon positive endeavor and hence contributes towards mitigating climate change. Furthermore, SEKEM has been working on its SEKEM Vision Goals for Egypt 2057 (SVG), focusing on Greening the Desert (SVG#5) and herewith, the development of the SEKEM-Wahat farm in the Western desert. A total of eight pivots are up and running now and crops are growing underneath with great quality. A roman theater has been built and inaugurated at the SEKEM-Wahat farm and two families are living at the spot now with their kids being in a school at the site. The Economy of Love (EoL) (SVG#11) label has been further developed and implemented and the first set of products is certified now and in the market. In terms of Integrative Health (SVG#3), a task force has been created and a center for integrative health has been opened at Heliopolis University. Also, the topic of Ethical Finance (SVG#12) has been fostered this year and a team has been created based at Heliopolis University, which is researching the topic and implementing a micro-finance project for which funds could have already been secured.
Helmy Abouleish CEO, SEKEM Holding


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logo-economy SEKEM’s economic year 2020 was again strongly characterized by reliable partnerships and supporters. SEKEM developed specific standards for an “Economy of Love” certification, laying the foundation for innovative redesigning and holistic tracking of economic activities.
logo-societal-life SEKEM has been working in finding, evaluating and developing new forms of governance, continued working on the question on how to further gain resilience and how to spread the idea of SEKEM.
logo-cultural-life Supporting the potential and consciousness development of each individual in the community lies at SEKEM’s core. 2020 had been a year that was strongly determined by building new bases for human and cultural development for the future. SEKEM and Heliopolis University hosted the “Social Initiative Forum” under the topic “Unfolding Individual potential”.
logo-ecology With applying biodynamic agriculture according to Rudolf Steiner everything started in 1977. the first phase of the “SEKEM Wahat” project was successfully accomplished in December 2019. A crowdfunding campaign raised 400,000 euros, which allowed 63 hectares of former desert land to be reclaimed.
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Sustainable Development in Our Everyday Life

codeofconductSEKEM was founded with the idea of sustainable development and building of a prosperous future for the surrounding communities and Egypt. The vision that brought Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish to dig the first well in the vast desert land still resounds in SEKEMs approach of conducting business. Like a compass, the vision, mission and values guide the employees in the everyday work in all SEKEM companies.

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Reporting Sustainable Development

SEKEM Report 2020

SEKEM has developed its annual sustainability report since 2007 in order to measure its performance within the different aspects of sustainable development. This report is meant as an internal reporting and measurement tool, however share it transparently with whomever is interest to read it.

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The Sustainability Flower

Sustainabililty FlowerThe Sustainability Flower reflects the fourfoldness of sustainable development, with the ecological dimension broken down into separate elements and spheres. The Sustainability Flower represents a management, assessment and communication tool symbolizing the concept of sustainable development in its four dimensions (economic life, societal life, cultural life and ecology with its six sub dimensions).

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Food Security

SEKEM is convinced that only sustainable agricultural methods such as Biodynamic agriculture can secure the rising food demand of the coming 50 years. Here is a short explanation of food security and SEKEM’s opinion how to address the problem.

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