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Don’t Waste Power – Maintain it!

The sun lights life and grants human beings their physical and spiritual strength. Sunlight, wind and hydro-power are natural sources of energy – infinite, at least from a human perspective. Physically, energy can be neither generated nor consumed. The human way of using energy, however, contributes substantially to climate change. Through carbon-neutral power generation from renewable energies, the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases can be reduced significantly.

Meet SEKEM Energy (German)

Photovoltaic to Scheffler in SEKEM

SEKEM maintains on-going small scale renewable energy projects, such as a small photovoltaic station at the headoffice, several hybrid solar dryers for herbal production, two Sheffler mirrors to produce steam for production processes at the main farm and several solar water heaters on the roof of production sites. In the field of energy savings, we continue to make slow progress, mainly due to insufficient data of ongoing energy usage. It is necessary to implement an energy flow analysis on the company level in order to improve the current energy usage situation.

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