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SEKEM Holding – The Umbrella for the Companies

SEKEM established several specialized companies to ensure productions and marketing of its products. The umbrella organisation for SEKEMs independent firms, the SEKEM Holding, was established in order to supervise, evaluate, and support all subsidiary ventures, and to enable it to act as investor and lender to them.
The SEKEM Holding is closely cooperating with international institutions, such as the Deutsche Entwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH (DEG), or the International Finance Corporation (IFC).
Since May 2007, the German GLS Gemeinschaftsbank AG, the Dutch Triodos Ventures BV and since 2011, Oikocredit Ecumenical Development Cooperative are shareholders of the SEKEM Holding and support the finance department for future investments.

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High Commitment and Support

The SEKEM Holding guarantees to itself and its subsidiaries:

  • Sustained commitment to the benefits of Biodynamic agriculture
  • Commitment to the highest product quality and its continuous improvement
  • Provision of required capital and its optimal use
  • Assurance of continuous measures in organizational development
  • Investment in education and training for all employees
  • Dedication towards customers’ real needs
  • A marketing strategy sensitive to human values, truthfulness, sensibility, and in alignment with SEKEMs long-standing vision and values
  • The promotion of the principles of associative economics

Read about SEKEMs values in the Code of Conduct

ISIS Organic – Pioneering the Market Since 1997

isis-organicISIS Organic produces food that is wholesome, nutritious and delicious, from carefully selected raw materials that are free of any artificial additives or preservatives. The foodstuff processed and packed by ISIS Organic includes organically grown vegetables, honey, dates, herbs, spices, edible oils, and beverages such as herbal tea and juice. Following the principles of transparency, we strive for honest and fair collaboration throughout the entire supply chain. The prices for raw materials are set according to Fair-trade principles and assure a fair distribution of the value generation to our suppliers. We foster our long-term relations with our suppliers through guaranteeing purchase of certain amounts of raw material and helping to pre-finance the cultivation.

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SEKEM Health – Your Healthy Alternative

SEKEM Health is known as the expert in natural health-care products and being embedded into the SEKEM Holding: With a tight link to ISIS Organic, SEKEM Health was able to innovate the market. SEKEM Health markets natural Organic medical  herbs  products in both local and global markets aiming to satisfy it’s customer’s needs for better human health, by produce the quality and effective medical herbs. The company has not been defined only by medicinal teas for a long time now, but its product range has been markedly expanded by innovative in-house developments and in-licensing agreements in the field of herbal medicines.

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ATOS Pharma – Natural Medicines and Health Care Products

atosATOS Pharma, founded in 1986, manufactures and markets an array of natural medicines and health care products of superior quality for effective causal treatment combined with maximum tolerability. The products are developed for different indications:  cancer therapy, cardiolovascular, dermatology, gastro-intestinal, gynaecology, hepato-biliary, immunology, neuropsychiatry, respiratory, rheumatology and urology. ATOS Pharma markets and distributes its products nationally and internationally. ATOS Pharma is committed to a regional leadership position in the field of phyto-pharmaceuticals. Its foremost goal is to promote the utmost benefits of natural medicine in the region.

NatureTex – Organic Textiles From Egypt to the World

naturetexNatureTex, established in 1994 , i an Organic certfied textile company, and one of the five main subsidiaries of the SEKEM Group of Companies. NatureTex’ purpose is to produce and market highest quality Organic textiles in both local and global markets aiming to satisfy costumer’s needs with the best level of service while maintaining integrity with our social and natural environment. NatureTex produces 100% Organic ready-made germents for babies, children and adulds, as well as soft toys and home textiles.

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Lotus – Great Food Starts with Great Raw Material

lotusLotus was founded in 1977 under the name of SEKEM and was the first company within the Initiative. The company, nowadays named Lotus, processes all kinds of Organic herbs and spices from Biodynamical cultivated plants. It produces, imports and exports Organic and Biodynamic and thus natural and chemical free, herbs, spices and seeds for its sister companies ISIS Organic and ATOS Pharma, as well as for the export market according to International Demeter Processing Guidelines. Taste, aroma and the natural medicinal effectiveness of the herbal products are the highest priorities for Lotus company.

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Applied Standards

SEKEM applies various standards for itself and its subsidiaries:

SEKEM Holding Certificates

ISIS Organic Certificates

ATOS Pharma Certificates

NatureTex Certificates

Lotus Certificates

Lotus Upper Egypt Certificates

SEKEM Europe GmbH

SEKEM For Land Reclamation (SLR) Certificates