In Memory of Ibrahim Abouleish: SEKEM’s Annual Report 2019

On June 15, three years ago, SEKEM’s founder Ibrahim Abouleish passed away, exactly 40 years after he founded the SEKEM initiative. SEKEM community continues to realize his vision of holistic sustainable development in the areas of environment, culture, social affairs, and economy. Out of the inspirations and impulses that guided Ibrahim Abouleish to realize his vision, SEKEM community has developed a vision for the next 40 years – similarly innovative and ambitious – for a sustainable future as the founder exemplified. Two years later, the 2019 annual report shows which vision goals SEKEM was able to implement and promote for a sustainable change in Egypt.


“The endless confidence, with which my father carried the SEKEM vision into the world against all odds, is a leading inspiration for our way towards change. We are grateful that we were able to take many fundamental steps in 2019 in order to realize our  vision for holistic sustainable development in Egypt.” SEKEM’s CEO, Helmy Abouleish.

By 2057, in the Ecology Dimension, SEKEM aims to spread Organic and Biodynamic agricultural methods in Egypt to such an extent that the majority of the country is applying sustainable agricultural practices.

In this context, the first phase of the “SEKEM Wahat” project was successfully accomplished in December 2019. A crowdfunding campaign raised 400,000 euros, which allowed 63 hectares of former desert land to be reclaimed. The first medicinal herbs are growing on the SEKEM farm in Wahat El-Bahareya, and cultural events are taking place so that a sustainable community can grow.

By 2057, in the Economy Dimension, SEKEM aims to introduce, among other things, the circular economy model and the concept of the “Economy of Love” in Egypt.

In 2019, SEKEM developed specific standards for an “Economy of Love” certification, laying the foundation for innovative redesigning and holistic tracking of economic activities. The economic vision of SEKEM is based on the idea of ​​an associative economy where the requirements for dealing with the environment and people go far beyond the so far known and applied standards.

By 2057, in the Societal Dimension, SEKEM aims to inspire the Egyptian society in such a way that a social transformation can take place, by which all people develop awareness on their opportunities to shape their country and the future.

SEKEM was recognized as an “Outstanding Practice in Agroecology 2019” for its leading role and holistic commitment as a social business in the world, by the World Future Council in 2019.
With seminars on the topic of “SEKEM Vision”, a format was created in 2019 that helps to carry the impulses of SEKEM Vision for 2057 into the world.

By 2057, in the Cultural Dimension, SEKEM aims to integrate a holistic approach into Egypt’s educational system that enables individual potential unfolding – from schools to universities to research.

In 2019, SEKEM and Heliopolis University hosted the “Social Initiative Forum”. More than 250 people from all over the world came to learn from each other and to exchange ideas on individual potential unfolding. The focus of the forum was on empowering people as individuals and, at the same time, as members of the community.

You can download the SEKEM Annual Report 2019 here!
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