Preparation Day in SEKEM

Day of Biodynamic Preparations in SEKEM

In this year’s May, farmers, co-workers and pupils were invited to the first Day of Preparations in SEKEM. Angela Hofmann, long-standing agricultural coordinator in SEKEM, presented the visitors the eight different preparations of Biodynamic farming, which were buried under the ground during the winter.

Biodynamic preparations are used to vitalize the soil and strengthen growth and quality of the plants. They are made from herbal, mineral and animal substances and are connected to natural forces, before giving them back to the land in a modified form. Preparations are one main feature of Biodynamic agriculture and are a basic requirement for the Demeter-certification.

Presentation of the Biodynamic Preparations
Presentation of the Biodynamic Preparations.

There are compost and spray preparations. Nettle and dandelion are added, for example, to the compost while quartz and cow dung, together with water, are directly sprayed on the fields. The fertilizers are buried in deer bladders or cow intestines to better absorb the energy and nutrients from the soil. Just a pinch of the preparation is already enough for providing about ten cubic meters of compost.

“There is more life in one handful of Biodynamic soil than there are people on this earth”, says Johannes Valentien, agricultural co-worker in SEKEM. The invited guests were obviously impressed by the power that lies in the unremarkable appearing preparations.

The Day of Preparations shall raise more awareness about the methods of Biodynamic agriculture within the SEKEM Initiative and help people to better understand the benefits of this holistic farming method. Hence, a Day of Biodynamic Preparations will be organized again in the coming year.

Nils Daun

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