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Welcome to SEKEM

The SEKEM initiative was founded to realise the vision of sustainable human development.  Its mission is the development of the individual, society and environment through a holistic concept integrating economic, societal and cultural life. 

Above all, SEKEM aspires to be an impulse for continuous development in all parts of life, to be not only a model for but also a contribution to the development of the entire world.

In 1977, Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish started the SEKEM initiative on an untouched part of the Egyptian desert (70 hectares) 60 km northeast of Cairo. Using biodynamic agricultural methods, desert land was revitalized and a striving agricultural business developed.  Over the years, SEKEM became the umbrella of a multifaceted agro-industrial group of companies and NGOs.  Today, SEKEM is regarded as a leading social business worldwide.

In 2003, the Schwab Foundation selected Dr. Abouleish as one of the world's outstanding Social Entrepreneurs. In the same year, SEKEM and Dr. Abouleish received the prestigious "Right Livelihood Award”, also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize. The awarding committee stated that "SEKEM demonstrates how a modern business model combines profitability and success in world markets with a humane and spiritual approach to people while maintaining respect for the environment."

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