Gleissner in SEKEM

Where Harmony Lives: Friedgard and Rudolf Gleissner in SEKEM

“We are all different from each other – just like the different notes in a composition. But when they sound together in the proper way, they will create a wonderful symphony”, Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish remarked when he introduced the two musicians Friedgard and Rudolf Gleissner to the SEKEM Community.

The cellist and pianist from Germany visited SEKEM for ten days and performed different concerts in almost all of SEKEMs institutions. The duo also played at the weekly forum at the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, at the SEKEM schools, or at the Mahad, SEKEMs adult training centre. The friends of SEKEM, who have been used to playing together since 1963 already, were exhibiting the same harmony when performing sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven. Additionally, Rudolf Gleissner, the former first solo cellist of the Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart, Germany, delighted the audience with solo plays, for example by Johann Sebastian Bach.

It was in the German city Stuttgart as well that the two musicians got to know the German SEKEM Friends Association, many years ago. After spending a lot of time together and organizing many events, of course including joint journeys to Egypt, the Gleissners and the German SEKEM Friends became close friends. Together they also organized the recent SEKEM visit, while the SEKEM Friends Association sponsored the trip to support SEKEM pupils, students and teachers in their musical development. Hence, the pianist and cellist where holding for instance lectures in the context of the Core Program at the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development.

“SEKEM is where Harmony is!”

“This harmony is life, and SEKEM is where harmony is”, Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish added after listening to the performance of the Gleissner duo. He continued to explain that life itself is comparable to music: Every particle in the universe acts in harmony with the other.

Until the last moments of the concerts, the musicians filled the air with their sound, which delighted and inspired everyone at SEKEM.

Noha Hussein


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