Sunday Diary I – Memories on SEKEM Founder Ibrahim Abouleish

The so-called “Sunday meeting” is one of SEKEM’s traditions that was initiated by its founder Ibrahim Abouleish, and now continued by his son and SEKEM’s CEO Helmy Abouleish. Every week, all employees gather to share and discuss ideas on SEKEM’s vision and mission in order to deepen understanding of the meaning of sustainable development and the application of its principles. The meetings usually begin with the audience singing, followed by a music performance, because SEKEM believes in the power of arts to broaden the horizon and elevate the soul and mind.

From time to time we invite you to reflect Dr. Amina Taitoon’ s memories on those meetings. The Alumni Unit Manager at Heliopolis University, wrote down her interpretations on some topics that SEKEM’s visionary Ibrahim Abouleish talked about.

Ibrahim Abouleish on how a vision becomes reality:

‘One doesn’t rise through vision alone, but when practical steps are taken towards this vision. It is through overcoming obstacles and challenges that the vision becomes a reality. Only then, the thought deepens, and work becomes a means to the thought. While abstract thinking on its own does not lead to true development. 

The vision is preceded by abundant science and deep knowledge. It should serve the earth and the people. Just like the orchestra, where musicians play each, their instruments with creativity stemmed from study and practice, and together they create melodies carrying the power to elevate the human being.’