Story from the Heart: Gender Equality on the International Women’s Day

As every day, also the 8th of March started with the traditional SEKEM Circle. But on that special occasion women stood at the front forming a circle themselves and leading the morning ritual. Red, pink and purple ribbons were distributed among women to make them feel special; some wore them as bracelets and some as hair accessories.

women's day

On Monday the 8th, SEKEM didn’t miss the chance to celebrate International Women’s Day and has organized many activities in appreciation for all the women there. A lot of effort was being poured into this event for a few months. Starting from September, several SEKEM women met weekly to discuss different topics related to females. Those topics included for example their rights and needs, the problems they face daily, and also topics related to health and self-care. One of the outcomes was that the week’s “Space of Culture” was dedicated to women and had exciting performances to offer. It started with a choir by SEKEM girls, followed by a song performed by the housekeeping staff and then an emotional performance titled “Story from the heart” was presented. Several women shared their stories, the hardships they endured as females in the society and how they overcame them gaining the courage to stand for themselves, and achieve their dreams and spread their wings challenging the stereotypes. Some females in the audience shared their stories as well and even men were encouraged to do so. 


At the end of the International Women’s Day, there was a gathering for women in the Social Entrepreneurship Center to discuss the definition of women empowerment, related activities and how it can be fairly applied in SEKEM and Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development. 

Not just since SEKEM published its “Gender Strategy for a Balanced Society” in 2016, SEKEM empowers women to unfold their potentials, with a deep conviction that without this potential a sustainable future will not be possible.

Are you a woman passionate about empowerment? SEKEM is looking for an employee who is responsible for the implementation of women empowerment strategies and who is committed to strengthening women’s rights.

Nour Altobgy

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