SEKEMSophia Symposium II

“I carry a vision deep within myself: in the midst of sand and desert, I see myself standing at a well drawing water. Carefully I plant trees, herbs and flowers and wet their roots with the precious drops. The cool well water attracts humans and animals to refresh and quicken themselves. Trees give shade, the land turns green, fragrant flowers bloom, insects, birds and butterflies show their devotion to Allah, the creator, as if they were reciting the first Sura of the Koran. The humans, perceiving the hidden praise of Allah, care for and see all that is created as a reflection of paradise on earth,” Ibrahim Abouleish (1937 – 2017).

How did the vision of the SEKEM founder Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish become reality? How is this social innovation working and how does it affect people’s lives? How can an efficient economy, a healthy social life and a living culture develop together? How can partnership between east and west build peace and prosperity?

To give you the opportunity to explore a sustainable community in the Egyptian desert, SEKEM offers a five-day hands-on experience, taking place at the SEKEM farm in Egypt. During this symposium, you will meet experts working in different fields in SEKEM to give you deep insights into the vision and how SEKEM’s holistic approach is implemented in its daily working and community life. The program combines both theory and practice and will give you the opportunity to get familiar with all the dimensions of SEKEM’s approach for sustainable development.

SEKEMsophia Symposium Event Fee:
500 € OECD Countries (Europe, US, Canada etc.)
200 € for non OECD Countries

Accommodation in SEKEM Guest House:
Single Room full board accommodation (68 Euros person/night /80 US Dollars)
Double Room full board accommodation (111 Euros together per night /130 US Dollars)

For groups of more than four persons or financial support please contact via email there should be no financial reason for non attending

For registration:

To get further information check out our flyer: SEKEMSophia Symposium Fact Sheet

Next SEKEMsophia Symposium 3 – 7 March 2019 (further Symposiums will be held on a quarterly basis)

Arrival should be on the 2nd March and departure on the 8th March.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with  [email protected]


The Pioneers of SEKEMSophia