SEKEM Day 2015 Again a Resounding Success

Once again, the annual SEKEM Day was held in Stuttgart and it deeply touched the eyes, ears, and minds of all SEKEM friends and supporters present at the event. As an introduction, the „Free Eurythmy Ensemble Freiburg“ performed together with Mona Abouleish and two other musicians and the poem „Nations of the Earth“ by Nelly Sachs was recited as well as also put in motion by the eurythmists.

The topic “Social Responsibility in Action” had been chosen as the motto for the event. The participants were thus eager to learn more about concrete steps toward the development of a contemporary social culture, specifically from the guest of honour, Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish. After the regularities of the annual general meeting of the association of SEKEM Friends in Germany had been completed, Dr. Abouleish took to the stage to speak about the “SEKEM Vision”. He employed the image of brotherhood to outline an impressive sketch that succeeded in demonstrating how conscious interaction between economic an cultural actors can help a society flourish in a way that lets its impact transcend its local sphere. It became clear that the SEKEM vision has visibly personified in the people that today make up the SEKEM institutions and that it had thus been transformed into a “SEKEM Symphony” which may be heard in many other places worldwide.

The afternoon discussion forum of the conference chaired by Dr. Martin Kilgus spanned a diverse set of topics and included, besides Dr. Abouleish, Alexandra Wandel (World Future Council), Dr. Albert Schmelzer (Alanus University) and Dr. Bruno Sandkühler.

The musical finale was carried out by the musician couple of Mrs. and Mr. Gleissner who performed the A-major cello sonata by Ludwig v. Beethoven.

Dr. Ulrich Väth

Die SEKEM-Symphonie