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People in SEKEM: Ola Hussein

Ola Hussein has been working in SEKEM for more than 15 years. Her husband joined the initiative 9 years ago and her children would like to stay in SEKEMs nursery – even on Fridays, if they could.

„I wish to contribute to the development of my country – people will have a better life in the future only if there is progress”, Ola says. She has been working in SEKEMs Medical Center for 15 years. “My personal development was very much supported by SEKEM”, the 33-year-old nurse reveals. When Ola Hussein came to SEKEM, she was an illiterate working in an assistant position at a nearby hospital. “In SEKEM, I received an education. I was taught to read and to write, and I benefited from my contact to its people and Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish”. As a nurse she is the first contact person for more than 40,000 patients that are treated by SEKEMs Medical Center every year.

Ola specifically enjoys how people in SEKEM interact with each other: “I love my job there. Many patients come back to me again and again. They remember me and compliment me for doing my job responsibly but also in an entertaining way. It makes me really happy to hear that and motivates me.” For Ola, SEKEM is a second home. She appreciates the friendly and open contact to the doctors and the way everyone cooperates. “We complement each other and everyone in the team is dealing with the patients in a very caring and lovingly way”. When Ola Hussein visited another hospital some time ago, she was shocked to find many of the staff abrasive and impatient when dealing with patients. Besides, Ola appreciates that, in SEKEMs Medical Center, everyone receives treatment, even if they are not able to pay for it.

The decent working environment and the many opportunities for personal development in SEKEM also made Ola Hussein motivate her husband to join the initiative nine years ago. Now he is working as an accountant in SEKEMs Company ISIS Organic. Together they have two children who attend the SEKEM School and nursery. “My kids love the SEKEM institutions. They would like to go there even on Fridays, our weekend”, Ola tells.

SEKEMs childcare makes our life much easier. Every morning, my family gathers at the SEKEM Farm and in every evening we go back home together again”. Ola supported the extension of the childcare program. By offering a nursery, many female are able to continue working as they know their children in good hands. “In the beginning the nursery took care of only three babies – now they are more than 30. This shows just how many women stay employed when becoming mothers. This is a very important development for the future of the Egyptian society”.

Contributing to the future development of the country is something Ola also wish her children to do one day: “Besides health, which is most important in the life of everyone, I wish my children to take over responsibilities in their life. This will help our society to develop and will eventually improve the life of everyone in the country.”

Christine Arlt


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