Creative and interactive children.

Based on holistic education


The SEKEM Kindergarten was founded under the umbrella of the SEKEM Development Foundation amid the green fields of the SEKEM farm. It is open to all children of SEKEM employees and children from the surrounding villages.


The SEKEM Kindergarten provides a strong foundation for children to develop and become active participants in life-long learning process. The program is designed for children from four to six years, with special pedagogic emphasis on creative play and discovery to ensure the individual and social development of each young child.


As young children live in a rich world of imagination, play and discovery, they are completely open and deeply influenced by all that surrounds them. The sensory experiences play a major role in their development. The little child grasps the world through his fingers and embarks in discovering it. In a loving and secure environment, the children learn about themselves and their world.

Their days are filled with practical and artistic work, imaginative play and fairy tales, puppetry and music, circle games and healthy outdoor pursuits. Great emphasis is put on the development of all senses, in particular on the children's imagination and creativity.


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