Dattelmus SEKEM-Davert

New Sweet Temptations from the Successful Duo Davert and SEKEM

Recently, the date-hazelnut confectionery of Davert and SEKEM has been selected as “Demeter product of the year” and already now the successful collaboration bears new sweet fruits.

Since March 2016, aromatic date mousses with coconut or chocolate flavor are available in German stores. The sweet vegan spreads are not only seductive delicious but also healthy. They are made completely without sugar and get their delicate sweetness through the fruit alone.

The new sesame bar variants of Davert and SEKEM are similar delicious and healthy. The „Sesamo Superfood Trio” includes three different sesame bars with each 10% demeter chia seeds, moringa or hibiscus powder.

All Davert-SEKEM-products are now also available on www.newstartcenter.biz and in German specialty stores for natural food.

Source: Davert


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