“Let’s Seed the Future.. Let’s Harvest the Gold”

On Thursday the 18th of April, in the golden field, in sunny Egypt, SEKEM’s colleagues and friends got together with Heliopolis University Students to reap the harvest they have sown last November. The initiative “Let’s Seed the Future” is one of the many steps towards SEKEM’s vision for a 100% Organic Egypt, aiming to spread awareness about the benefits of sustainable organic agriculture and the role each one can play to reach a green future.

SEKEM co-workers, students and pupil harvesting the wheat that they planted together in November!

Let’s harvest the Gold!

SEKEM’s employees along with Heliopolis University students got to enjoy a full day in the beautiful nature and panorama of the SEKEM Farm. Everyone was full of excitement to see the result of the effort they had put last November – they were amazed to see the fields of golden wheat as a result of the seeds they planted. Some employees brought along their family members and their friends to share this moment. None seemed to have envisioned such a spirit amongst the SEKEM colleagues, students and farmers – such a devotion to SEKEM’s vision.

The campaign “Let’s seed the future” wants to create awareness on issues such as food security or sustainable food production.

Hard work for a good cause

The farmers awaited the volunteers with the harvesting tools and guided everyone through the process, ensuring everyone’s safety. They handed over every participant a sickle and demonstrated to them how to use it and what part of the plant to cut. It was a new experience to most of the volunteers which they seemed to enjoy and even looking forward to the next time. The farmers also welcomed their temporary colleagues with great joy and were happy to receive such an interest for their daily work.

SEKEM integrated arts and music to all it’s activities!

There can be no celebration without song!

After the harvest, the participants then moved along to the farm’s open theatre where the celebrations continued. As all celebrations in SEKEM, the performance started by the spirituality of Quran recitation, followed by several artistic vocal performances by the school’s pupils, choir and some of iSiS’ employees.

All the harvesting volunteers assured that they are looking forward to continuing the project and promised to rejoin the campaign in the next sowing season by engaging more volunteers and participants who are keen to join the SEKEM vision for a sustainable future.

Nadine Greiss

Let’s Seed the Future!
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