Helmy Abouleish becomes a member of the Club of Rome

Helmy Abouleish, the CEO of the SEKEM Initiative, has been asked to join the Club of Rome as a full member. “Joining the Club of Rome means a high recognition for the work we are doing in SEKEM. But first and foremost, it enables us to advocate for solutions in regard to the burning issues that endanger our earth and livelihoods”, says Helmy Abouleish.

The Club of Rome is an international think tank dedicated to addressing global challenges and fostering sustainable solutions for a better future. Helmy Abouleish’s election as a member was stated as follows: “Your remarkable achievements, expertise, and dedication to addressing pressing global issues make you an ideal candidate for membership of The Club of Rome. We believe that your unique perspectives and contributions would greatly enhance our collective efforts towards creating a more sustainable and equitable world.”

Impetus for the global sustainability movement

The Club of Rome brings together leaders, academics, policymakers, and practitioners who are passionate about tackling complex issues such as climate change, resource scarcity, poverty, population growth, and social justice. In 1972, the Club’s first major report, The Limits to Growth, was published. It sold millions of copies worldwide, creating media controversy and also impetus for the global sustainability movement.

Focus on solutions and models of hope

As a member of The Club of Rome, Helmy Abouleish will have the opportunity to contribute expertise, insight, and influence towards shaping policies and actions on a global scale. “I am very much looking forward to share our experiences of the past decades on how Organic and Biodynamic agriculture can highly contribute to tackling climate change, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, and to fostering human development”, Helmy Abouleish informs. “Besides, I see my mission in the promotion of solutions and hope models as a complement to the Club of Rome’s important task of identifying and showcasing our current challenges.”