SEKEM Partner Lebensbaum erhält Deutschen Nachhaltigkeitspreis

German Sustainability Award goes to SEKEMs long-term partner Lebensbaum

On November 27, the Organic company Lebensbaum was honored as the most sustainable mid-size business in Germany. SEKEM and Lebensbaum are cooperating together since decades and are close friends.

„Since decades Lebensbaum is setting new benchmarks for sustainability in the food sector and is therefore building a role model in regards to how sustainability is implemented to perfection in the market and how great economic success can be achieved”, the jury of the German Sustainability Award stated. As example, long-term partnerships with producers, the funding of schools worldwide, the usage of high-quality Organic raw materials, CO2-neutral production and the support of local educational initiatives have been mentioned.

„Sustainability is a chance to do the right thing at the right time…“ Ulrich Walter

These long-term partnerships also include SEKEM. For decades SEKEMs company Lotus is providing Lebensbaum with Biodynamic raw materials, which the German company is processing and using for some of their teas or spices. Besides, the founder and CEO of Lebensbaum, Ulrich Walter, and SEKEM are connected by close friendship. As a member of the International Association of Partnership (IAP), Ulrich Walter, SEKEM and other Organic pioneers from all over the world, created the Sustainability Flower, a tool which is not only in SEKEM building the fundament for all activities, but is also applied by a number of companies in Europe to promote their sustainable business practice.

Ulrich Walter, founder and CEO of Lebensbaum, accepted the German Sustainability Award
Ulrich Walter, founder and CEO of Lebensbaum, accepted the German Sustainability Award

“We are very happy that Lebensbaum received the Sustainability Award”, Helmy Abouleish, CEO of SEKEM Group says. “This accolade shows, that our common concern to promote Sustainable Development by Organic farming methods receives more and more awareness and helps to set important signals for the future.” Within the framework of the IAP, SEKEM and Lebensbaum meet regularly to discuss and develop all ideas related to Sustainable Development. Hence, also SEKEMs educational institutions are regularly supported by the Lebensbaum Foundation.

Double Success for the Organic Sector

„Sustainability is not a temporary fashion, not a marketing tool. It is also not a duty. It is a chance to do the right thing at the right time”, Ulrich Walter explained at the Award Ceremony. The German Sustainability Award is one of the most prestigious awards of its kind and endorsed by the German Federal Government, local and business associations as well as numerous NGOs. “The German Sustainability Award offers pioneering ideas and exemplary initiatives a big stage and shows thereby: Commitment to sustainability pays off”, the German Federal Chancellor and Patron of the German Sustainability Congress, Angela Merkel, says. Since 2008, business models, that combine commendable economic success with social responsibility and a responsible treatment of the environment, are awarded.

Angela Merkel: „Commitment to sustainability pays off”

Besides Lebensbaum, Vaillant received this year’s Sustainability Award as large enterprise as well as the Bohlsener Mühle, a small-scale Organic company. This is, indeed, a double success for the Organic sector, as two Organic companies have been among the winners for the first time in the Award’s history. Apart from the Sustainable Businesses, six other categories, including four honorary persons, have been awarded: Queen Silvia of Sweden, António Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the musician Art Garfunkel and the German politician Hans-Dietrich Genscher received the Sustainability Award 2015.

SEKEM is very happy that Lebensbaum has been honored with the German Sustainability Award and is sending many congratulations.

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