Fighting Breast Cancer

Both in the global North and the global South: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breast cancer is the top cancer in women also among women in the Arab World. The cases of breast cancer increase. However, early detection provides multiple treatment options and a greater chance of survival.

That is why a Woman’s Healthcare Mobile Unit is stationed at the Medical Center in SEKEM for three weeks. SEKEMs female employees at the age of 40 years or older can visit the unit daily from Sundays to Thursdays. “With mammography screening female doctors then try to discover the presence of early breast cancer. Mammography screening is very costly but we provide it for free,” says Dr. Mohamed Sarhan, a new doctor at the SEKEM Medical Center. “In addition, an oncology consultant comes every three days in order to screen the results,” the doctor continues. In case of a breast cancer positive diagnosis, SEKEMs Medical Center will then start the treatment of the deadly disease. The SEKEM Medical Center is providing both services to SEKEM employees, students and surrounding 40.000 community members.

Christina Büns

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