Farewell and New Beginnings with SEKEM Friends Austria

The SEKEM Friends Austria have been a very active association for many years, they support and promote SEKEM with all their might. The official name of the association is “Association to support the SEKEM impulse in Egypt and Austria” – and so the motivated group is not only doing a lot of good in the country on the Nile, but also in the city on the Mur! In Graz, since the 2016/17 school year, the association has been intensively devoting itself to a group of young refugees who are no longer required to attend school but have no educational qualifications. Thanks to the educational cooperation with the Free Waldorf School Graz, young people between the ages of 16 and around 22 receive a special form of holistic educational and integration support. The “International Class” is a prime example of the international spread of the SEKEM impulse!

Hermann Becke resigns as chairman of the board

Dr. Hermann Becke presents SEKEM Managing Director Helmy Abouleish with violin bows, one of countless donations from the SEKEM Friends Austria

A huge contribution to what was already achieved so far is owed to Hermann Becke, one of the co-founders of the SEKEM Friends Austria, who was long-term chairman of the board until March 2021. After many meritorious years, Hermann Becke resigned his position to Dr. Ernst Rose, also an acknowledged co-founder of the association. SEKEM would like to take this opportunity to thank Hermann Becke for his incredible commitment:

Dear Hermann, thank you very much and all the best!

New structures in the board

Dr. Ernst Rose (right), seen here with his son, has taken over the position as chairman of SEKEM Friends Austria

Despite the association’s almost 20-year existence, there can be no talk of rigid structures, as this year, in addition to the election of the new board, several other things have been renewed in the line-up and the vision statement! There are now only four board members instead of six. This reduced board is reinforced by an advisory board increased in number to a maximum of 24 members.

In the course of the new structure of the association, a new editorial team was founded, which among other things has taken over the task of Hermann Becke to write the association’s newsletter. A diverse team of SEKEM enthusiastic people ensures that all interested parties are kept fully up to date on developments in SEKEM and the association. The SEKEM Friends Austria are also very active on Facebook.

For German speakers, you can find out a lot more about the SEKEM Friends Austria on their website.

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