Audience during SEKEMs 38th Anniversary

Celebrating 38 Years of Sustainable Development

Friends, partners and guests from all over the world came to SEKEM on October 29 to celebrate the initiative’s 38th anniversary. Young and old, people from east and west, farmers and university professors – all of them sat together and enjoyed two hours of wonderful cultural performances that have been prepared since weeks for this festive day.

Music was the keyword:  A performance of the school orchestra that was conducted by a new director from Croatia, Marko Skorin, was followed by the school choir, as well as a SEKEM co-workers choir. Additionally an impressive Eurythmy play was accompanied by the great voice of Amira Reda, a music teacher at the Heliopolis University. Finally students of the SEKEM schools showed a wonderful Bedouin dance when moving to traditional Arabic music.

Furthermore, SEKEM co-workers who have been working with one of the initiative’s companies already since seven years have been honoured on stage. And a team of the company NatureTex presented their efforts in regards to gender balance.

The anniversary celebration was a varied mixture of performances as the audience itself: SEKEM co-workers, pupils, students, friends or business partner spent a delightful day under the balmy autumn sun on the SEKEM Farm.


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