Bamboo Flute for SEKEM Pupils by Dutch Friends

Ine Looijmans and Carla Renders lead a Bamboo flute project at SEKEM School in April.

Ine Looijmans visted SEKEM already for the fifth time and worked with the school students and teachers on making, cleaning and maintaining bamboo flutes. This time, she was supported by Carla Renders, a teacher of industrial design for secondary school. Among others, the SEKEM friend from the Netherlands held a presentation on that topic to students of the Vocational Training Center. As a passionate advocate for sustainable development she was very excited to hear about SEKEM Initiative: “I wished to experience SEKEM and see how I can help as well as what I can learn,” she says.

Ine Looijmans and Carla Renders carving the bamboo flutes.

The two Dutch Friends worked with the SEKEM School teachers on how to use and care for the flutes, how to introduce them to the students at different ages and most importantly how to create a connection between each student and their flute. Making 30 flutes for six classes each is quite a difficult task, but not lacking enthusiasm and passion the guests happily accepted the challenge. “I can see the progress in the kids’ performance as well as with the teachers. Each time I come back it gets easier and better,” says Ine.

SEKEM is very thankful to have friends from all over the world, bringing diversity into the community and an exchange between different cultures and ideas. This allows an important educational experience for the guests as well as the students and teachers at the SEKEM School.

Nadine Greiss

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