A Welcoming Change for Employees

“We might believe that relaxation means drinking a cup of coffee after a stressful day. But it doesn’t!”, says Radwa Fathi from SEKEMs Marketing Department. She recently participated in a training that SEKEM regularly offers to its employees since many years. The artists of the Core Program at the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development (HU) design these trainings which include four areas – movement, speech, poetry and acting as well as fine arts and music.

“It was my first time participating in such a stress relief course. I feel like I need to practice relaxation techniques at least twice a month now”, the former participant Radwa Fathi continues. “They will help me to reduce stress and also will boost my energy and create good vibes.” These courses help SEKEMs employees with their further professional and individual development.

In the trainings the attendees learn important soft skills in the areas of communication and teambuilding, for instance. But the program also aims at giving the participants impulses for a healthy lifestyle, such as by breath training – like Radwa Fathi experienced it. And last but not least, the courses are always refreshing and support the co-workers’ wellbeing.

Dorothea Walter during one of her training sessions.

A different kind of teambuilding

“The training is a break and alternation from daily routine and brings the team closer together. To see each other in a different way opens a door into new perspectives”, reports Dorothea Walter. “Through playful elements which specifically promote the conscious use of body language, the breath and voice via speech and acting, the team gets to know each other better”, adds the trainer for speech, poetry and drama of the HU Core Program.

“We also train basic forms of communication. How do we talk with each other? Do we have eye contact? Do we really wait until the other one has finished talking?”, Dorothea Walter adds. Currently, the longtime SEKEM supporter offers a course on Communication, Creativity and Awareness – designed by her especially for SEKEMs employees.

Christina Büns

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