World Goetheanum Forum with Helmy Abouleish

In this year’s May, SEKEM’s CEO Helmy Abouleish and several other representatives from the fields of agriculture, education, medicine, art, commerce or banking signed a charter for founding the World Goetheanum Association. Thereby, a worldwide forum shall be created that deals with the future development of humanity and the earth.

The association forms an open space for meeting and development, as well as for a network that promotes inter-disciplinary and cross-sector innovations, worldwide contacts and relationships, all upon the shared values of: freedom, respect and cosmopolitanism, cultural diversity, lived spirituality, friendship and warmth of heart. Essential for the forum is a responsible relationship to the living earth, our fellow human beings as well as to the spiritual dimension of the world.

The first members of the World Goetheanum Association Dornach.

In this context, the World Goetheanum Forum will be held on the topic “Living economic, social and spiritual responsibility”. Together with partners and other interested parties, the conference aims for an exchange between all areas of life – via short keynote speeches, working groups, dialogue walks or terrace talks. Beside others, Thomas Jorberg, spokesman of SEKEM’s longtime shareholder the GLS Bank, Ha Vinh Tho, Director of the “Center for Gross National Happiness” in Bhutan and Helmy Abouleish will be among the speakers.

Everyone interested is invited to participate in the World Goetheanum Forum. Click here for program and registration!

Source: World Goetheanum Forum

Download the Flyer of the World Goetheanum Forum 2018 here!