World Future Forum: “Shared Humanity – The Future We Want”

The World Future Council (WFC) convened for its 15th Annual General Meeting at Pontresina, Switzerland, on 28-29 August 2022, where delegates from 24 countries debated and agreed how to initiate a transformation to address the critical challenges for a future of life on earth. Helmy Abouleish represented Egypt at this Forum and among other delegates signed the Pontresina Declaration, which urges the UN system and the international community to step up efforts to secure the universal right of all life to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment. 

The WFC was launched by Jakob von Uexkull in 2007 to achieve a vision for a healthy planet with just and peaceful societies. Nowadays it consists of 50 eminent global changemakers from civil society, science, politics, and business, who meet annually at the World Future Forum to discuss the most urgent challenges and policy solutions to them. To achieve its ambitious goals, the WFC identifies, develops, highlights, and spreads future-just solutions for current challenges humanity is facing and awards them with an unique Future Policy Award. 

World Future Forum

The full text of the Pontresina Declaration can be found here