April Highlights: We hosted the official Inauguration of the One Home Journey 2024 to 2030 – 7 Years for 7 Generations with World Future Council

We had an exciting week hosting the official inauguration of the “One Home Journey” by the HOME FOR HUMANITY with World Future Council during Heliopolis University‘s latest events “Space of Culture and Social Initiative Forum (SIF)”. We are thrilled to be the first and only Egyptian partners to this impactful initiative, supporting their mission of transforming our divided world into a united home for humanity and the diversity of life on our shared planet. At SEKEM Group, we are committed to empowering sustainable development and giving back to the community. We work tirelessly to cultivate meaningful partnerships that unlock individuals’ potential.

Please read the official press release and watch the inauguration’s video below to learn more about the initiative!

World Future Council Press release: 

Cairo, Geneva, Lyon, Tokyo, Harare, Mumbai, Tunis, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, 27th of April – The One Home Journey 2024-2030: 7 Years for 7 Generations was officially inaugurated with a 7 day launch in Egypt, marking International Mother Earth Day. This visionary and inclusive future-building expedition to every country on Earth is coined as “a planetary journey to the rescue of the 2030 Agenda” by UN Today.

Stewarded by the Home for Humanity movement for planetary regeneration, in close partnership with the World Future Council and a large number of other renowned local and global partner organisations, all focusing on planetary renewal, the One Home Journey was inaugurated in a series of moving events taking place at SEKEM, the world-renowned role model for sustainable development, dubbed “the miracle in the Egyptian desert”.

Every concerned Earth Citizen is invited to join us as an ‘Earth Voyager’ to travel virtually with us on the One Home Journey, and to join us – or even host us – as we move country to country, culture to culture, and home-to-home. Every motivated future-builder is welcome to enrol in the One Home UnivEARTHsity – the only qualification required is passion for future building!” explains Prof. Alexander Schieffer, who, together with World Future Councillor Dr. Rama Mani, is co-founder of the Home for Humanity movement and co-initiator of the One Home journey.

Rama Mani adds “Every single person everywhere on Earth of all ages and backgrounds is and must be a co-creator of our new common story of an inclusive future for the indivisible family of life. The One Home Journey is offered to all humanity as our gift to serve as a collective accelerator for future building.

SEKEM is an active co-creator of the One Home Journey, as a foundational Home for Humanity, together with its Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development. Helmy Abouleish, CEO of SEKEM and Councillor of the World Future Council, underlined, “The One Home Journey is an incredible planetary incubation accelerator at this crucial time for our future, which everyone everywhere should join. Heliopolis University is embarking with you today to build up the unique One Home UnivEARTHsity for regenerative future building, because we know our students and faculty will optimise their future-building skills by co-learning and co-innovating with pioneers of regeneration from around the world.

Planetary Partnership is a primary principle of the One Home Journey to exponentially maximise our collective impact for a regenerative and inclusive future. “We are proud to partner with the One Home Journey to spotlight and scale up the best solutions that our Future Policy Awards have celebrated worldwide since 2009 on how to ensure a regenerative future for the next seven generations”, states Alexandra Wandel, Chair of the Management Board of the World Future Council, comprising Global Change Makers including Vandana Shiva and Otto Scharmer.

Dr. Michael Otto, Honorary Councillor and Co-Founder said, “The One Home Journey will amplify not only our past but also our upcoming Future Policy Awards on Peace and Future Generations, Harmony with Nature, and Education for Sustainable Development, so I am very glad about this partnership.”

The Inaugural Week in SEKEM, Egypt was a powerful prototype of the One Home Journey’s integral immersion week in every country, engaging concerned Earth citizens to create together a just and regenerative future. Home for Humanity’s co-chair, Dr. Youssef Mahmoud from Tunisia, a former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations, summarizes:  “From innovations in agriculture and community building at Sekem’s farms, to transformative educational processes in the Sekem primary school and at Heliopolis University, to a participatory performances in the Space of Culture, including a community Premiere screening of award-winning filmmaker Eda Elif Tibet’s Home for Humanity movie, culminating with an Earth Agora with partner organisations and Homes for Humanity worldwide – this week provided a powerful immersive glimpse of the future building capacity of humanity – and the acceleration potential of the One Home Journey.

The One Home Journey opens, now, with a Planetary Inaugural Season, activating Earth Citizens around the globe, before it officially “hits the road” in Southern Africa on International Peace Day, 21 September 2024.

There are many ways for you to join the One Home Journey!