The Space of Culture Program Now Available Online

According to SEKEM’s holistic vision, arts and culture are essential for human development. Now, in times of Corona, the access to cultural activities is limited. Digital platforms offer solutions to stay engaged and connected and also to enjoy arts and cultural programs. The SEKEM Space of Culture Program is now also available online. The idea came up in the context of applying an online education system for Heliopolis University students. Within the study at the SEKEM associated university the Space of Culture is an obligatory part. 

Every week, SEKEM farm and Heliopolis University’s communities take some time from their busy day to get together and enjoy the arts. Whether performed by SEKEM’s own Core Program team or talented guests, the Space of Culture sheds light on different arts and topics to enrich the community.

It might be unusual for other businesses to take out from the work time of their employees every week to watch or participate in artistic performances, yet SEKEM believes it is essential for the human development as well as the business, and that the cultural life must be integrated within every step of the way.

Now also you can watch every week the Space of Culture online safe from home on our Facebook page

Space of Culture – Highlights At a Glance
A Midday Musical Treat: Musicairo-Trio Plays Jazz-Classics at the “Space of Culture”
“Dance when you are perfectly free”: The Egyptian Mevlevi performed at the “Space of Culture”