We present: The Carbon Footprint Center of Heliopolis University

The Carbon Footprint Center (CFC) is one of the Research and Development Centers under the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, led by Thoraya Seada. It provides carbon footprint assessments for the SEKEM Holding Group and the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA), as well as for a range of other Egyptian companies. Besides, it provides assistance with issuing carbon credits under the Economy of Love Standard for Egyptian farmers. This article covers the latest achievements of CFC.

Carbon Footprint Assessments 

At the end of 2022 CFC had two big projects of conducting carbon footprint assessments for Egyptian herbs companies: El Seba Spices & Herbs and Egykal. This year, it had an addition to its portfolio by conducting carbon footprint assessments for Metco, Egyptian Clothing Bank and Concrete brand. The next project is starting soon with Perfect Spinning, a peer company to NatureTex that produces sustainable yarn.

Economy of Love  

CFC actively supports the Economy of Love Carbon Credits project that aims to involve 40,000 farmers into organic farming by 2025 by issuing carbon credits. CFC has already performed assessments for more than 600 EBDA farmers from different governorates by using Cool Farm tool – a greenhouse gas and biodiversity calculator for farming.


Farms4Climate is a large-scale project, funded by EU-PRIMA. The main goal of this project is to create smart governance for agroecological carbon farming. CFC supports the living lab at the SEKEM Wahat farm, by working closely with the Organic Agriculture faculty of the Heliopolis University. Many experiments are currently taking place at the SEKEM Wahat farm, in order to deliver quantified

 results of carbon farming effectiveness and crop growth. One of such experiments is a project of basalt powder addition to compost in different proportions to monitor its effect on the CO2 sequestration.