The Caravan is Moving On

In August another “Music Caravan” moved on the grounds of SEKEM Farm. The quartet, consisting of Amira Reda, Konstanze Abouleish, Rafik Costandi and Marko Skorin performed five concerts in the different enterprises and institutions of SEKEM. The employees of ISIS Organic, the Medical Center, Lotus, ATOS Pharma and NatureTex benefited from Arabic but also classical music. “With a colorful mix of songs we wanted to achieve that the employees come into contact with classical music, which they usually don´t listen to”, says conductor Marko Skorin, who accompanied the three singers on a keyboard.

Co-workers at SEKEMs company NatureTex enjoying the music performance.

The quartet sang and played around 30 minutes in each company before moving on to the next performance. Three months ago, the last “Music Caravan” took place in SEKEM – back then, ISIS Organic, Lotus and the Schools had been visited. The project itself is taking place in SEKEM already since several years. “The idea is that we bring the music into the work environment of the people and thereby fill the place with life and joy”, says Konstanze Abouleish, who besides singing also played flute. The happy faces and the abundant applause of the SEKEM employees showed that the performances enjoyed great popularity. In the future, these small tours shall be done regularly in order to promote the cultural awareness of the people and at the same time offer an alternation in ordinary working life.

Nils Daun

Summer Choir in SEKEM
SEKEM Spring Festival 2016