Textile Companies Receive Economy of Love-Certfication

Recently, two new companies have been certified with the Economy of Love (EoL) standard: SEKEM’s textile company NatureTex and one of SEKEM’s partners, the Swedish textile brand OGLAND. OGLAND produces high-quality sustainable beddings using EoL and Demeter certified cotton Giza 86, which is grown by SEKEM’s contracted farmers in Egypt.

Companies that use Biodynamically grown, EoL certified cotton, resulting in a minimum of 75% decrease in their Carbon Footprint compared to companies working with conventionally grown cotton. Additionally, the Water Footprint is reduced; for NatureTex by over 30.5% and OGLAND even 42.5%.

Economy of Love certifies the whole value chain, from the farmer, via the processing until the marketing.

Economy of Love is a certification for products that are sustainable, ethical and transparent throughout the supply chain. SEKEM believes that through a transparent economic system, responsible consumers and producers can actively protect nature, and ensure that every person across the supply chain is fairly compensated and protected from exploitation. Economy of Love is also a community of companies, farms and consumers working to create an economy based on respect, and compassion towards people and nature. Economy of Love was initiated by an organic farmer’s association called Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA), to support sustainable farmers, companies and consumers.

To receive the EoL certification, a product needs to be certified throughout the supply chain, or at the very least abide by EoL code of conduct. In the case of NatureTex and OGLAND, the farms and the factory are EoL certified, while some outsourced processes, like the ginning, spinning, weaving, and finishing of the cotton, are done in facilities that abide by the EoL code of conduct and are additionally GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. This ensures the fair treatment of the people working there and of course an organic production of the textiles, with no toxins.

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