Teachers’ Art School

During this winter holidays, SEKEM initiated an art program for the teachers. It shall fill the gaps between teachers and students, as the learning experience is something that never stops for both.

Through 5 different courses, the teachers get to learn different crafts, to develop a set of skills; they also get to learn about their students and how to interact with them. Wood carving, clay, geometrical designing, knitting, painting, and character studies, are the different courses, strategically designed to teach them team work, attention to detail, focus, creativity and communication.

Teachers’ knitting class.

Creating an exciting, encouraging and challenging environment for the teacher, where they get to learn and experience new talents and skills, could help them pass on and create such an environment for their students too.

SEKEM teacher, Abd el Aziz Azzam at the geometrical designs’ class, in front of the art works he did with is colleagues at the art school.

Exploring and experiencing new ways to learn and new ways to teach, to reach the student’s minds, attract their attention, and gain their interest and curiosity is an important part of the teachers training, as passing on knowledge and experiences, fosters equality and is a pillar of a sustainable community.

Nadine Greiss

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