ibrahim abouleish

Sunday Diary V – Memories of SEKEM Founder Ibrahim Abouleish

Through contemplation and meditation, one can observe how the most trivial and routine actions could be a source of life renewal. This can be witnessed in the cycle of leaves which fall and grow back tirelessly. This simple cycle of leaves makes an impact in the life of the tree; it reflects its age and resilience, and it also serves as a nutrient to the tree itself and other organisms. Man can learn from this contemplation how to appreciate their own work and the work of others no matter how small and repetitive it may seem.

Interpretation of the words of Ibrahim Abouleish by Dr. Amina Taitoon

From time to time, we invite our readers to share in the memories of Dr. Amina Taitoon. The Alumni Unit Manager at Heliopolis University regularly wrote down her reflections on what SEKEM’s visionary Ibrahim Abouleish expressed during the Sunday meetings.

The so-called “Sunday meeting” is one of SEKEM’s traditions that was initiated by its founder Ibrahim Abouleish, and is now continued by his son and SEKEM’s CEO Helmy Abouleish. Every week, all employees gather to share and discuss ideas on SEKEM’s vision and mission in order to deepen the understanding of the meaning of sustainable development and the application of its principles. The meetings usually begin with the audience singing, followed by a music performance, because SEKEM believes in the power of arts to broaden the horizon and elevate the soul and mind.