Start of a New Academic Year With Two New Faculties at Heliopolis University

These days, the campus of Heliopolis University is getting crowded again by students; the new academic year has just started and more than 700 new students came on board. Around 200 of them have joined the recently established faculties of Organic Agriculture and Physical TherapyThe faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Technology is now having the biggest share of students engaged to Heliopolis University; a total of 1227 undergraduates are currently enrolled there.

An introductory session to the Core Program of Heliopolis University.

A week before starting their first semester, the new starters attended orientation days, offered by the Heliopolis University staff. A campus tour and introduction lectures on the principles of sustainable development as well as on SEKEM’s holistic approach were provided. The newcomers seemed to be very excited about the unique academic program of the university. Especially the introduction to the Core Program had gained their attention during the sessions.

SEKEM and Heliopolis University are welcoming the returning and the new students, wishing them great success for this academic year.

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Core Program of Heliopolis University