Spreading Awareness for Gender Equality: UN Women Sponsored an Exchange Visit to SEKEM

In the framework of achieving gender equality by empowering women, representatives of NGO’s and companies from Upper Egypt were invited by UN Women to visit SEKEM. SEKEMs Gender Strategy that was launched last year was introduced to the 30 participants in order to promote, among others, the implementation of gender-sensitive programs in the working environment.

The one-day visit included a SEKEM Farm tour and informative session about SEKEMs holistic approach, which supports creating a women-friendly working environment and promotes tools that help integrating them into the society. The UN Women representatives and the participants, who ranged from CEOs, managers and employers of different organizations had for instance the possibility to talk to co-workers of SEKEMs company NatureTex which employees a huge number of females. They asked them questions on how they experience the different projects that are offered to support women in their working life, such us a nursery, flexible working hours or medical advice sessions. Additionally, the guests got insights to all other SEKEM institutions including the schools and the Medical Center that all integrate the approaches of SEKEMs Gender Strategy.

For almost 40 years SEKEM is fostering gender equality by empowering girls and women – the fifth of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which have been recently published by the United Nations. This engagement also includes awareness raising among the society. Hence, the UN Women visit had been one further step in implementing the goals of SEKEMs Gender Strategy for a Balanced Society which enabled SEKEM to spread awareness for the topic on a wider scale.

Noha Hussein

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