Space of Culture: It’s All about Music

The first cold months of the year Space of Culture warmed us up with a variety of music genres, from classical compositions to traditional Arabic rhythms.

Austrian Cultural Forum once again shared with us their true gems. This time our stage was blessed with the Moritz Weiss Klezmer Trio that clearly knows how to have fun with music. Moritz, Niki and Maximilian bravely mix various musical styles to create an energetic blend from different cultures and epochs. Through their prism classical music meets jazz with a surprising naturalness, while recognizable traditional folk melodies take the listeners to a medieval tavern.

The trio also creates their original music, inspired by their constant exploration of life. Thus, a composition dedicated to Ontario lake is filled with love to Canadian landscapes and their own interpretation of classical waltz (“Fralzer No. 1”) suddenly acquires gypsy motif. 


Moritz Weiss Klezmer Trio

Brilliant duo of Dutch violinists, Astrid Abas and Jan Erik van Regteren Altena created for us a journey through classical music,  illustrating it with a timeline of best examples from each era: starting from the Renaissance music and early years of baroque, moving through romanticism and classical eras, straight to the modern days.

Besides, other wonderful collectives cheered us in the beginning of this year. Classic-fusion concert with another collective introduced to us by Austrian Cultural Forum combined classical music with native Egyptian instruments. While “The Project” lead by Wagdy ElWify performed for us traditional Egyptian songs.