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Supporting Female Talents

The pre-condition for any efforts to advance the skills of female employees, is their recognition of the value of work in their lives. In SEKEMs understanding work is not just a means for bread-winning, but a necessity for the development of each individual’s unique personality. This is especially important for women who mostly work for money to save for their wedding and are not encouraged to gain more experience and advance their skills. In special awareness sessions for female employees in NatureTex, women learned to be more self-esteemed and believe in the value of their work – for the company and for themselves.

Women Leaders

In order to prepare women for leadership positions a group of around 30 female employees of NatureTex participated in a supervisor training. In the beginning of the training the participants learned to understand the value chain from the row materials until the packing of the finished product, since a leader needs to know all processes in the company. The major aims of the training were the knowledge of quality and security assurance as well as supervisor skills like the equal division of work within the co-workers. Therefore, more women will be prepared to take responsibilities at work in the future.

Technical Expertise

All female workers in NatureTex took part in a comprehensive technical training program to enhance their skills. Part of the training took place “on-the-job”, which enabled women to do their job even better and enhance the quality of their work. This had definitely a direct effect on their relation to their work, concerning their commitment and their self-confidence. A group of women was trained in additional skills such as pattern making or marker maker to prepare them to take up positions with higher responsibilities, which require multi-skilled workers.

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