Social Initiative Forum for Youth Leaders: 20 to 28 July

The Social Initiative Forum in Egypt ( and Centre of the Education for Sustainable Development (CESD) of Heliopolis University (HU) happily invites young participants from Egypt and the rest of the world on a journey of self-exploration, healing, and collaboration to reimagine a creative future beyond materialism. The seven-day forum offered by will create a space for the participating youngsters to openly discuss and explore ideas about life, including healthy ethical individualism, social relationships, spirituality, society, economy, culture, and sustainability, which are crucial to the youth and their development. Participants will not only discuss these aspects but will also immerse themselves in hands-on activities related to personal growth, caring about others and the environment, and collaborating with other young leaders to reshape their leadership aspirations.


Some aspects of modern life, such as materialism and high competition, have imposed many struggles on young people, from the pressure of getting and achieving more to the need for financial success. The effects of this materialism on individual and societal levels have left many youngsters challenged and misunderstood, leading them to a sense of distraction, loneliness, and separation from other people, the ecology, and the environment. This left the youth wondering about the meaning and purpose of their lives and yearning for a space to explore and express themselves and unlock their life purpose.


The Young Leaders Forum provides an opportunity for the young participants to create their own space by understanding and expressing themselves, their needs, and how they see the world around them through open intercultural dialogue. They will have the opportunity to share their struggles, ask questions, and find solutions that lead them to better understand themselves and the world around them through the lens of sustainability and responsibility.  

In addition to individual growth, the forum will support participants to go beyond themselves by cooperating and collaborating with others. This collaboration will urge youngsters to work effectively to create their conception of effective leadership. Throughout this forum, the participants will actively work to develop leadership skills that they find relevant to their lives and the lives of their communities. Participants in this form will use the leadership skills they acquire to become pioneers in realizing a sustainable future by caring about themselves, their communities, and the environment. 

Collaboration with the World Social Initiative Forum 

In our Young Leaders Forum, we will be integrating ideas and best practices from Leadership in Transformation Forums (LiT)  developed by our partner World Social Initiative Forum. LiT Forums are intended for an international co-host of individuals already on a path of inquiry toward healthier relationships with the Self, Community, and Planet Earth. This platform seeks self-transformation so that the greater good may become. Together, LiT community members investigate themes of societal metamorphosis utilizing a 4-part methodology that includes: perceiving, individualizing, participating, and embodying.  

*Normal fees : 7800 LE / 400 Euro (Program + Accommodation & food)

*Funded fees : 3600 LE / 200 Euro (Program + Accommodation & food) 



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  •     For more questions, contact: [email protected]
  •     The workshop will be completed with a certificate of participation: “Education for Sustainable Development” 


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