Sister initiatives: Sinal do Vale in Brazil and SEKEM

SEKEM congratulates the initiative Sinal do Vale in Brazil to its 8th anniversary!

According to its founder Thais Corral the initiation of this local-global learning center for the transition to a sustainable future was strongly inspired by SEKEM and the friendship with its founder Ibrahim Abouleish. Now, both organizations, together with Home for Humanity in Hotonnes, France, are becoming sister initiatives, supporting each other especially at the human development and cultural level.

Sinal do Vale prototypes solutions for the regeneration of soils, food systems and forests and disseminate them through education and products for conscious markets. Its purpose has always been to be a catalyst for tangible social and environmental change. Surrounded by one of the world’s most diverse and threatened biomes, six stucco houses and event spaces facilitate creativity, sustainable development and getting in touch with nature.

Thais Corral recently visited SEKEM again in the framework of the World Future Council Assembly Meeting.

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