Shopping and Trading with Holistic Responsibility

The combination of words may rather sound like something out of a fairy tale than referring to concrete standards and guidelines. But for SEKEM, an Economy of Love is already a concrete business practice since many years – sustainably and profitably at the same time. Recently, the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA) has developed Economy of Love (EoL) as a standard that keeps track of the whole value chain of a product. This certification first and foremost wants to provide answers to three main questions: What impact does the production of a good has on the environment, on people and society and on individual potential unfolding? 

Why choose Economy of Love products?

By choosing products that carry the label of Economy of Love, people ensure that they support companies that do promote and care for the environment and the society and not work against it. All EoL producers measure their impact on the environment and share it with transparency. Besides, EoL is a unique standard with an holistic approach that also measures the contribution a production has on the individual development of the producers as well as the consumers. Via the tracking tool “impacTrace” those impacts can be tracked transparently for each EoL certified product. 

Why becoming an Economy of Love member?

However, if sustainable development is not the main interest, becoming a member of the EoL network still offers great advantages. Producers and traders become part of a strong and powerful network for collaboration and success built on trust and credibility.

At the moment interested parties can apply for the EoL certification at Egyptian Bio-Dynamic Association (EBDA). They will receive specific trainings and workshops on the requirements and criteria of the certification process. But the concept of EoL is also built on the belief in a community that acknowledges the importance of individuals as much as the collective group. This is not the easiest criteria but also not impossible. And the good news is, SEKEM has been practicing this for over 40 years, and supports the EBDA with its experience in implementing the new community certification in Egypt.

How it all began

The new EoL standard was born out of the idea of Ibrahim Abouleish’s vision of a sustainable community. The “Alternative Nobel Prize” winner had a clear vision that revolves around people, and how they can unfold their individual potential while creating a community that is governed by a fair economic system in harmony with the environment. Ibrahim Abouleish succeeded in bringing his vision to life through SEKEM Initiative. And now, more than 40 years later, his son Helmy Abouleish, SEKEM’s CEO, inspired the launching of a certification standard under the name “Economy of Love” which is implemented through the independent association EBDA.

Nadine Greiss

Visit the Economy of Love website to learn more