Eberhard Proissl_Oikocredit_SEKEM

Series of Events about SEKEM initiative

In April 2015 Eberhard Proissl, who supports SEKEMs partner Oikocredit on a voluntary basis, visited SEKEM. After his stay in Egypt he was so impressed by the initiative’s work and activities that he decided to organize a series of events about SEKEM. In October he will start his presentations in Germany at the following locations:

October 17, at 14:30, Freien Waldorfschule Uhlandshühe, Hausmannstrasse 4, Stuttgart, Germany

October 23, at 20:00, Wartesaal, Bahnhof Besigheim, Besigheim, Germany

November 9 at 19:30, Kath. Gemeindehaus, Adlerstraße 13, Winterbach, Germany

November 21 at 14:30, Hinterhaus der Uhlandstraße 7, Tübingen, Germany

November 25 at 19:30, Gemeindesaal der St. Laurentius-Gemeinde, Bietigheim, Germany