employees walking towards theater

SEKEMs Spring Festival 2015

Bright reds, rich greens, and stunning yellows – on 26 April, the whole of the SEKEM farm bristled with the colours of spring April. Equally colourful was the cheerful mood of the SEKEM coworkers, pupils, apprentices, and students who participated in the first big celebration of the year. As every year, it was time for the SEKEM Spring Festival to not only celebrate the birthday of Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, but also that of the SEKEM initiative itself.

Firstly, the SEKEM community gathered on the farm in a large circle. It represents the solidarity of its members and the unity of the SEKEM family of individuals. Then, a versatile stage program with music, drama, eurythmy, and even sports performances took place in SEKEMs Roman theatre. The children of the department for curative care performed a play on the topic of environmental awareness.

The SEKEM students then gave a number of artistic performances and the students of the Heliopolis University impressed everyone with short skits, songs, and modern dance. Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish was honoured with a poem and a portrait crafted by Heliopolis University students.

A special highlight was the surprise visit of Samir Iskandirani. The famous Egyptian singer is a long-time friend of Dr. Abouleish and came to participate in the Spring Festival 2015 again on the SEKEM farm after 17 years.