SEKEM Welcomes Autumn With Wide Arms

On Thursday the 28th of October, SEKEM held its Annual Autumn Festival on the farm, welcoming the new season. 


This festival’s theme focused on the SEKEM Vision Goal “Sustainable consumption”, conveyed in artistic ways. All the audience was attentive and captivated by the holy Quran that was recited by a sweet voice. Moving on, the SEKEM school children were led by their teachers in a choir where they sang in perfect harmony and entertained all the audience. Everyone was proud of how these young students could show amazing talent emphasizing how one’s potential can be nurtured and shown in various ways, starting from a young age, as SEKEM always believes.

It is always better to learn wisdom within a story

The SEKEM talented employees composed and acted in a play about sustainability and how it is important for each person to start saving energy. It was a refreshing act that showed that change starts with oneself. It was composed of demons that whisper to a human in order to consume energy recklessly and not care about others or the next generations. But in the end, the human learned the right ways of consumption and saving the planet, emphasizing once more how older employees also had the chance to unfold and show their talents and potentials.

Zero waste is the goal 

Following that, the chefs working in the SEKEM farm headed to the stage and they were honored for their great efforts. They also talked about food leftovers and how SEKEM reduced its food waste by reaching 5% only aiming to reach 0% soon.

7 years with SEKEM 

Last but not least, in a very heartwarming section, some SEKEM community workers who have been a part of SEKEM for 7 years were honored in front of everyone and received gifts. “As we celebrate the newborn 7 days after its birth, SEKEM celebrates us after 7 years of being a part of it”, said one of the honored SEKEM members.

At the end of the day, a doll and a bag made from organic cotton were given to everyone from SEKEM’s Organic textile company Naturetex, as a token of appreciation. 

Nour Altobgy 


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