SEKEM sends best wishes to Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish

A colorful and cheering crowd celebrating a visionary for Sustainable Development and lifetime’s achievements – every year’s Spring Festival at SEKEM is special, but this year’s festivity was particularly splendid. The international SEKEM community commemorated the 80th birthday of Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, who founded SEKEM 40 years ago, as well as the spring season and the SEKEM Initiative itself at the SEKEM farm on March 23.

The little SEKEM pupils take over the stage.

The 1.700 SEKEM employees as well as SEKEM friends from near and far did not want to miss personally sending their heart-warming congratulations to Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish for the world. They enjoyed a wonderful day on the blooming and festive SEKEM Farm and representatives of the SEKEM institutions wished Dr. Abouleish a happy birthday on stage.

Lyrical, musical and theatrical congratulations

As a symbol for the solidarity and unity among the SEKEM community, SEKEM launched the celebration with a large circle as every year. Followed by various speeches, highlights of the celebration were performances by the School Orchestra and Choir, the School for Children with Special Needs as well as the Qasida SEKEM, a special synthesis of the arts. The performance Qasida SEKEM reflected SEKEMs development in motion pictures, eurythmy, language and music. It showed how the desert became a fertile land where people learn, work and form a social community – how it became a place where each individual can develop and act artistically.

Christina Büns

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