SEKEM Publishes Sustainability Report 2016

In the Sustainability Report 2016, SEKEM reflects its persistent commitment to sustainable development, which has been streaming despite the difficult circumstances in Egypt. In the past year, Egypt had to face three consecutive devaluations, resulted in the current fragile and challenging economic situation. Consequently, SEKEMs economic growth has been hindered to reach its targets. Yet, SEKEMs operations and initiatives have been active and consistently contributing to sustainable development in its four aspects: economy, ecology, cultural and societal life.

SEKEM is committed to sustainable development since 1977. This is a continuous development journey without final destination. However, this journey requires to have targets which can be measured and benchmarked in order to keep track of the developments and to always realign the day-to-day operations to the vision and purpose of the initiative.” Helmy Abouleish, SEKEMs CEO.

As well as the comprehensive report in 2015, the Sustainability Report 2016 points out SEKEMs integrated strategy in a combination of indicators, statistics and text linked to respective publications in SEKEM News. Hence, the report offers the reader next to the data deeper insights into SEKEMs everyday activities. For the first time, this year Sustainability Report lists the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that have been published by the United Nations in 2016 as global agenda for 2030. SEKEM shows how the initiative has been working on all 17 targets already for 40 years and is actively promoting many of them.


Press Release SEKEM Sustainability Report 2016
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