SEKEM Publishes Sustainability Report 2015

In the Sustainability Report 2015 SEKEM shows that the initiative could manage the challenges of the past years. In the cultural and societal fields many activities took place, in agriculture water could be saved by specific investments and debts have been further reduced.

„Sustainable Development is always a challenge – in post-revolutionary Egypt, the past years were especially challenging for us. Still, in 2015 most of SEKEMs institutions performed well, which is an important driver, especially after the struggles we went through in the past five years.”
Helmy Abouleish, CEO of SEKEM Group

This year, SEKEMs Sustainability Report is a combination of indicators and statistics, as well as texts, which link to further publications in the SEKEM News. Hence, the data is more interactive and interconnected and the reader has the opportunity to gain deeper and more personal insights into the everyday life of SEKEMs sustainable commitment.

Press Release SEKEM Sustainability Report 2015
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