SEKEM Profiled in UN Report on Sustainable Lifestyles

How can we create tangible changes in the way people live their daily lives? The UN Environment report “Fostering and Communicating Sustainable Lifestyles: Principles and Emerging Practices“, in which SEKEM is featured as a best practice, provides innovative impulses to answer this question. The UN report sets out a road map of existing sustainable lifestyles: It highlights 16 global campaigns and initiatives – next to SEKEM in Egypt, it illustrates case studies in the USA, Hungary and Myanmar as well as explains, how a wedding celebration can lead to larger change, for instance.

SEKEMs efforts to grow the sustainable agricultural sector and support farmers in transitioning to organic and biodynamic agricultural practices results in improved livelihoods and health for farmers and their communities, as well as more sustainable and healthy soils and environment,” the study states. “SEKEMs view of sustainability encompasses the education and the societal health of communities and provides support for more balanced and healthy living,” it continues.

The report suggests eight operating principles for developing sustainable lifestyles initiatives and campaigns. It pictures how SEKEM applies four of the suggested principles in action – namely better living, impact and sustainability results, a systemic approach as well as responsiveness – and what this means for communications.

Like SEKEM, the other considered cases meet different core needs in the areas of food, shelter, mobility, leisure time and human connections. The interpreted and evaluated best practices encourage the design and implementation of effective future communications campaigns. Moreover, the UN report offers tips on how to apply key learning.

Christina Büns

SEKEMs case study in the UN report
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